What Is A Maquiladora?

A Maquiladora, or “in-bond” plant in Mexico, allows your company to export from the U.S. to Mexico, raw material in-bond, thus avoiding the payment of any Mexican duty. When assembly (or repair/repack) is finished, the product is returned to the U.S. where duty is levied only on the cost of labor and overhead in Mexico, as well as those raw materials of non-U.S. origin. This special duty treatment was established in 1964 by U.S. Customs legislation, and as long as certain requirements were met, duty is charged on this basis and not on the total value of the finished product. The savings are substantial.

Our previous experience in the industry allows us to anticipate requests from client companies making it possible to offer rapid start-up within our Maquiladora shelter manufacturing operations in Reynosa, Mexico.

Am-Mex is one of the few organizations with the means of delivering a package of services completely integrating all operational aspects of a Maquiladora. Am-Mex understands operating in Mexico, not only in terms of the legal requirements demanded by the Mexican and U.S. governments, but perhaps what in real terms is of more importance to U.S. corporations, the day-to-day operation of a Mexican manufacturing facility. In addition, Am-Mex is dedicated to the systematic implementation of World-Class Manufacturing and Total Quality concepts. Most of our operations are TS, QS, or ISO certified.

Companies who will most benefit from this program are those who have planned and made the strategic decision to establish a manufacturing facility in Mexico but lack the experience or personnel to execute the decision. Am-Mex is able to assist those companies with low cost manufacturing utilizing our own Maquiladora license and workforce. Low cost is achieved by centralizing many of our departments (i.e. payroll, import/export, etc.) in an effort to share these costs between the many customers we service. With the proper coordination and planning within our extensive network we can have you manufacturing in Mexico in less than 3 months. Am-Mex will assure that the client company has all the necessary areas staffed and trained within our world class operation.

These advantages are made possible from the beginning by being supported with a solid foundation of expertise in Maquiladora operations, not after a difficult and expensive learning curve based on trial-and-error. Manufacturing with Am-Mex automatically insures decades of Maquiladora experience in all facets of operating in Mexico.

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