About Us

Am-Mex is a nearshore contract manufacturing solutions provider. We are located in McAllen, Texas and Reynosa, Mexico. Since our inception in 1990, we have gained significant and extensive manufacturing experience with many different U.S. corporations in a variety of industries, some with multi-national operations and locations. Our goal is to provide manufacturing companies a custom program where the level of involvement desired is tailored to suit its needs, and provide an offshore entity that will reduce costs and risk, all while maintaining control and flexibility. Whether your operations are relatively simple or more sophisticated, Am-Mex offers quick and easy access to low cost product assembly and manufacturing.

We provide manufacturing, consulting services and training programs within the context of a “Twin Plant” or “Maquiladora” operation. This arrangement provides for the location of the main labor base in Mexico to assemble, repair, package, or manufacture your product. This translates to significant savings for companies with labor-intensive products. Our services cover the entire spectrum of Maquiladora operations, from start-up to systems implementation, production management, engineering, and industrial relations, all satisfying the Mexican legal requirements.

Our staff of Mexican nationals are extremely well qualified in Maquiladora operations. This experience base allows Am-Mex to offer our customers full-service Maquiladora management, ranging from subcontract manufacturing agreements to establishing your own Maquiladora entity in Mexico. There are several aspects of our services which can be tailored to best suit our client needs.

How Will a Partnership With Am-Mex Benefit You?

Business Requirements Analysis

  • Operations Cost Models
  • Supplier Base Analysis
  • Distribution Base Analysis
  • Material & Equipment Master Analysis
  • Tariff Classification / Preferential Program Evaluation *Human Resource Requirements
  • Training and Development Analysis *Legal and Regulatory Requirements *Environmental Requirements

Start-Up Coordination

  • Weekly Meetings and Status Reports
  • Supervise Permit Process
  • Coordinate Customs Process
  • Coordinate Transportation
  • Coordinate Installation and Rigging

Who Is Responsible For What?

Am-Mex Responsibilities

Am-Mex is responsible for direct and indirect labor, the facility with a manufacturing infrastructure, logistics supporting U.S./Mexico, regulatory compliance, MRO procurement, and union and government relations.

Client Responsibilities

Our clients are responsible for all components, tooling and fixtures, production equipment, on-site technical training, volume commitment and must be a U.S. Customs Importer of Record.

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